Peace of Mind $19.95 month.
Includes up to 100 calls.
Less than 5ยข a call after that.

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We Will Confirm Your Team is Ready

You Relax Knowing Staff Are On Task

Easy Setup, Flexible

Quickly load names and numbers one time. Edit your list at any time.

Online Help

Most people don’t really need instructions but here they are.

Mobile Friendly

Set your check in’s from your phone or desktop with very little typing.

How it Works

  1. Any time during the day you can set calls for the next day or sometime in the future.
  2. We call each number on your list at the appointed date and time.
  3. When the phone is picked up we say “This is your check-in call for (job) ____________ which starts at ____(time).
  4. The person receiving the call presses “1” and hangs up.
  5. If no one answers or we get voice mail, we call again in 5 minutes.
  6. If no one answers we call again in 5 minutes.
  7. If no one answers the 3rd call – we call the 24 hour duty number and report the failure to respond.
  8. A record is visible for 30 hours of who was called, how many calls were required, and whether or not we got confirmation.
  9. We give you a $19.00 credit during the first month just for signing up.
  10. Once you use your credit you can reload your account online here.
  11. You may cancel or suspend your account anytime.